Double Glazed uPVC Doors

Residential Doors

Sliding Doors

Single Door

French Door

Single/Fixed Combination

Bi-fold doors

Double Slider

  • Up to 80% noise reduction
  • Multipoint locks for extra security
  • Reinforced profiles
  • Double glazed up to 35mm thick
  • 10 yrs guarantee by Rehau international
  • 5.9% titanium dioxide
  • Approved by Australian Windows Association
  1. Quality Profile 
    High gloss finish suface, high resistance to UV radiation and high impact strength.
  2. Multi-Chambered Profile
    Improved insulation against heat and noise
  3. Dual Compression Seals
    Enhanced tightness against air, water, sound and thermal insulation
  4. Glazing Rebate
    Able to accomodate double glazed unit to achieve high insulation against noise and heat
  5. Steel Reinforcement
    Strength and rigidity
  6. Welded Joints
    Fusion-welded frames and sashes impede leaks
  7. Euro-grove
    Enable use of multi-locking gear to enhance security