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What are uPVC Windows & Doors?

uPVC windows & doors are sections of window or door profiles that are made from unplasticised Polyvinyl Choride which is essentially a rigid plastic that is re-inforced with galvanised steel inserts

Why should I choose uPVC over Aluminium?
uPVC does not conduct heat or cold like aluminium. There is no transfer of temperature to the glass or the home environment from the frames. No pitting, warping or breakdown in the frames & is low maintenance & recyclable. Perfect for saltwater areas.
Why should I use Double Glazed over Single Glazed glass?
Double glazing is a thermal & noise reduction glass that prevents heat & cold entering & leaving the building. With single glazing 70% of heat or cold is lost through the windows & doors.
What is Low E glass & its benefits?
Low-e glass has a microscopically thin, transparent coating ? it is much thinner than a human hair ? that reflects long-wave infrared energy (or heat). Some low-e?s also reflect significant amounts of short-wave solar infrared energy. When the interior heat energy tries to escape to the colder outside during the winter, the low-e coating reflects the heat back to the inside, reducing the radiant heat loss through the glass. The reverse happens during the summer time
What types of glass do we use?
Wilkins Windows use single glazing, double glazing, Low e, toughened glass & a combination of thermals, acoustic & noise reduction.
Can I use double glazing in my existing windows?
Not generally, double glazing has to be inserted into a product/frame that is setup to accommodate thicker & heavier glass so is not practical to use existing frames.
What types of timber do Wilkins Windows use to manufacture our windows & doors?
Wilkins Windows mainly use solid Western Red Cedar. For public & fire areas we use different types of hardwood.
How are Wilkins Windows Timber products finished?
Wilkins Windows timber windows are either finished in it?s natural state, primed or sealed (at a cost) depending on the needs or budget of our clients. We strongly advise any external windows or doors must be painted or stained within two weeks of installing to protect them from the elements. A minimum of 2 coats is required.
Do Wilkins Windows make Bushfire rated windows & doors?
At Wilkins Windows we currently manufacture a variety of bushfire windows & doors that suit up to BAL29.
What sizes & style windows & doors do Wilkins Windows manufacture?
Wilkins Windows manufacture any style of window or door to order & we do architecturally designed custom made products.
What is the warranty on Wilkins Windows products?

We have a number of warranties:

  • Double Glazed Glass – 5 years
  • uPVC Windows & Doors – 10 years
  • Timber Windows & Doors – 6 years
Are your windows & doors approved?
Wilkins Windows are members of the A.W.A. & the WADIC Association. Our windows & doors have been tested & approved & can be seen on the W.E.R.S website with test results.