With the built environment’s focus shifting towards sustainability and functionality, builders, architects, designers, and homeowners are increasingly specifying energy-efficient custom uPVC windows and doors for residential and commercial applications.

These assemblies save energy costs by lowering dependency on heating and cooling systems while keeping a comfortable ambient temperature throughout the year.


For almost two decades, Wilkins Windows continues to specialise in the design, manufacture, and installation of energy-efficient custom uPVC windows and doors in Australia. The family-owned and operated company is fully compliant with Australian standards and deliver quality services and solutions earning them the utmost trust and loyalty from building and construction industry professionals.

Custom uPVC window frames have numerous benefits, including:

Low Maintenance
Custom uPVC window frames don’t require painting or sealing. They are also easy to clean with just warm soapy water and a clean cloth.

Durable, Rot and Salt Erosion Resistant
uPVC has long been used for water and sewer pipes. uPVC windows, otherwise known as vinyl windows, have a long service life. They will not fade and will not succumb to premature structural deterioration even after prolonged exposure to sun’s ultraviolet rays and other natural elements.

Custom uPVC windows and doors deliver the ideal choice for coastal properties, as the assemblies are also resistant to corrosion brought by salt-laden air and mist.

Acoustic Insulation
Wilkins Windows energy-efficient custom uPVC windows and doors have been approved by the Sydney & Adelaide Aircraft Noise Project. The high-noise reduction assemblies are able to lessen 80% of noise or up to 45 dba, including traffic, train, and human voices.

Thermal Insulation
Compared to a metal window and door frame, uPVC is a non-conductive material that prevents the heat or cold from passing through the structure.

To further advance the energy-efficiency of custom uPVC windows and doors, the product research and development team at Wilkins Windows produced a range of energy-saving glass options that work well with custom uPVC window and door frames.

Energy-Efficient Custom uPVC Windows and Doors Glass System from Wilkins Windows

The energy-efficient glass systems are manufactured using state-of-the-art glass technology to deliver excellent thermal properties. The team incorporates double glazing or the use of two insulated glass panels separated with a 20mm wide spacer to create a thermal barrier.

Wilkins Windows use a warm-edge insulating glass sealant system placed between the glass panels. These are engineered to flex with the glass during warm or cold temperature changes to prevent sealant failure. The insulating spacers keep the edges of the glass panels warm and reduce condensation while keeping the cold air out and the warm air in.

Furthermore, the team offers the Low-E Glass Technology. The process involves coating the glass with microscopically thin and optically transparent metal layers. The metallic layers work by reflecting the radiant solar energy while allowing the light to pass through the insulated glass panels.

In action, the Low-E Glass Technology keeps the room ambient without relying on the heating and cooling system. They block the infrared and ultraviolet radiant solar energy while allowing the light to pass in summer, keeping the room cool; while in winter, the Low-E glass reflects the heat into the room to keep it warm.

Wilkins Windows further enhances thermal efficiency by incorporating insulating argon gas into their Low-E Glass Technology. Argon gas provides an insulating blanket over the two glass panels which improves the thermal performance of energy-efficient custom uPVC windows and frames.

Aside from their energy-efficient custom uPVC windows and doors, Wilkins Windows also offers a comprehensive range of double glazed noise reduction, creative custom double glazed uPVC, timber, and bushfire safety windows and doors for the Australian built environment.


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