Homeowners and industry specifiers who are searching for a space-saving, energy-efficient, sophisticated, and functional patio doors need look no further than reinforced uPVC sliding doors from Wilkins Windows.

Since 1999, the family-owned and operated business has amassed a comprehensive range of specialised timber and uPVC windows and doors, servicing the ACT and NSW area.

Sliding doors are made of one or two panels that slide open along its horizontal track. It can either be mounted on or suspended and features a stopper at either end to stop the door from sliding off the track. The assembly is also supported by special rollers to facilitate a smooth sliding function.

Different materials like wood, glass, and aluminium are used to create sliding doors. However, weight is a major consideration as heavier materials might be too difficult to open and cause the sliding door panels to bend off track. Hence, the team at Wilkins Windows developed the reinforced uPVC sliding doors as an alternative solution to standard sliding door materials.

Wilkins Windows teams up with Rehau, German-based innovators of polymer systems, for the manufacture of their uPVC windows and doors. The reinforced uPVC sliding doors provide outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation with its Low-E glass system and dual compression seals.

With its microscopically thin metallic layers, the Low-Emissivity glass reflects the heat back to the room in winter and blocks radiant infrared heat during summer. The multi-chambered profile further improves thermal insulation by preventing the heat to escape through the panels, keeping a comfortable indoor temperature all-year round. In action, reinforced uPVC sliding doors lead to remarkable reductions in heating and cooling costs.

Approved by the Sydney and Adelaide Aircraft Noise Project, all uPVC windows and doors are rated to 45 dBA, reducing human voices and pedestrian traffic noise of up to 80%.

With a streamlined manufacturing process, the reinforced uPVC sliding doors are able to withstand prolonged exposure to natural elements. Along with excellent weatherproofing attributes, Wilkins Windows ensure safety and security, as well as long service life.


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