For 19 years Wilkins Windows has continuously provided homeowners, proprietors and industry specifiers with a flexible choice of multipoint custom uPVC window and door assemblies. Dedicated to world-class quality and service, Wilkins Windows remains to be the company of choice in the design, manufacture and supply of window and door systems for the design, building and construction industry.

The Australian-owned and operated company started manufacturing windows and doors using top-grade timber materials like Merbau and Western Red Cedar. With the latest shift towards sustainability and energy-efficiency, the product research and development team of Wilkins Windows have ventured out and adopted the five-star energy rating system using uPVC as the core material. In this regard, Wilkins Windows teamed up with Rehau, a German company specialising in the advanced extrusion process of polymer-based solutions, and became the official supplier of uPVC in the Australian market.

Rehau Window Profiles and Design from Wilkins Windows

Clients can personalise uPVC windows with a flexible range of window system options from Wilkins Windows. The Sliding Windows range can be defined with a single slider, double slider, and three-panel units.

sliding windows openings

Just like the Sliding Windows, the Outward Opening Windows range has three designs to choose from:  the slide hung, top hung profiles, and slide hung/top hung combination.

sliding windows openings

The Inward Opening Windows range also comes in three design choices. It has the tilt and turn, folding sliding, and inward span with top arch window.

sliding windows openings


Why Choose Multipoint Custom uPVC Windows from Wilkins Windows?

Multipoint custom uPVC windows, also known as vinyl windows, have long been a popular alternative to traditional window materials in Europe and America. The unplasticised form of PVC delivers sturdy, functional and low-maintenance window frames.

The frames of multipoint custom uPVC windows are designed to withstand prolonged exposure to natural elements, such as heat, cold, wind, rain, and snow. It will not be vulnerable to premature structural disintegration caused by corrosion, as well as peeling, chipping, or flaking.

Proven to be the absolute choice for a five-star energy rating, Wilkins Windows further advances the thermal capacity of uPVC window frames by incorporating the double glazing technique in all of their uPVC windows and doors assemblies.

Double glazed uPVC windows consist of two insulated glass panels separated by a spacer with a still layer of gas or air. The insulating spacers keep the edges of the insulated glass warm, and it also reduces condensation. Furthermore, the sealed air gap adds thermal resistance which minimises the heat escaping during winter while keeping the home comfortable in summer.

Aside from high thermal efficiency, double glazed uPVC windows also add the benefit of noise control. Sealed double glazing reduces 80% of medium to high-frequency noise, such as human voices and vehicular noises. All double glazed uPVC windows and door assemblies from Wilkins Windows are approved by the Australian Windows Association.

With Wilkins Windows, clients are guaranteed to have quality, superior insulation, energy-efficient and sustainable uPVC windows and doors assemblies.