There is a plethora of door materials and designs dating back to 200 AD, but none match the elegance of acoustic timber French doors. Timber French doors became a symbol of opulence and power during the late 18th century, with handcrafted intricate details and mirrored glass options.

For handcrafted acoustic timber French doors in ACT and NSW, look no further than Wilkins Windows.

After 19 years, Wilkins Windows have become experts in the design, manufacture, distribution, and installation of uPVCtimber heritagebushfire-rated, and acoustic windows and doors. Such longevity has given the team knowledge on the shifting trends in the building and construction and design industries. Including, harnessing the creative grandeur of timeless French architecture.

acoustic timber french doors

Beyond aesthetics, acoustic timber French doors boast numerous benefits that add value to both residential and commercial properties. Most timber French doors are fitted as exterior doors and are generally mounted in pairs, improving natural light, ventilation, soundproofing, and access.

The timber French door style is composed of a timber frame with transparent or translucent glass panes that cover most of the ceiling-to-floor length. With careful attention to detail, Wilkins Windows renders an elegant finish to acoustic timber French doors.

acoustic timber french doors

Acoustic timber French doors are manufactured using high-quality western red cedar, premium hardware and fittings to ensure the durability of the doors upon and beyond installation. Wilkins Windows also offers a comprehensive range of glass options in several elegant textures to  fit any project specifications.

To further advance the benefits of timber French doors, Wilkins Windows incorporates thick laminated glasses, acoustic panels, as well as acoustic seals, to deliver acoustic timber French doors. The entire timber product range from Wilkins Windows is able to reduce noise to up to 80% or 45 dba. They are also approved by the Sydney & Adelaide Aircraft Noise Project.