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Why Use Custom Bushfire Rated Windows in ACT by Wilkins Windows?


bushfire rated windows in ACTWilkins Windows is a trusted supplier of custom bushfire rated windows in ACT (Australian Capital Territory) and its surrounding areas.

Based in New South Wales, the family-owned company has generated a strong presence within the construction and design industries.

Wilkins Windows stays at the forefront of industry trends as they continue to diversify their extensive catalogue for a smart and sustainable built environment.

Custom Bushfire Rated Windows in ACT

Some industry specifiers in ACT have noticed an over cost at which local manufacturers distribute their products. In service for nearly two decades, Wilkins Windows stands out with a reputation founded on ethical operations and consumer trust. Their longevity is a testament to their strict commitment to world-class quality in delivering their solutions and services.

Wilkins Windows addresses a steady demand for custom bushfire rated windows in ACT. The production team at Wilkins Windows employs a specialised methodology using high grade components to comply with the relevant building regulations in bushfire prone areas.

In accordance with Australian Standard 3959 that sets out the different building practices and materials for bushfire hazard levels, bushfire rated windows are available in the following specifications:

a. Low BAL 12.5, which cites concern for an ember attack
b. Moderate BAL 19, which cites concern for increased level of ember attack, as well as burning debris and radiant heat exposure up to 19kWm2
c. High BAL 29, which cites concern for greater risk of airborne burning debris and up to 29kWm2 radiant heat exposure
d. Very high BAL 40, which cites concern for greater risk of burning debris due to windborne embers and up to 40kWm2 radiant heat exposure

Custom bushfire rated windows can be manufactured from robust timber or uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride). For the former, industry specifiers can choose from western red cedar, a widely used timber for its exceptional durability, visual appeal and fragrance, or merbau, a flowering tree native to Queensland noted for its inherent resistance to termites.

On the other hand, uPVC is highly recommended for optimum insulation power and energy efficiency. Also known as vinyl sliding, uPVC is derived from industry standard PVC. Plasticisers are removed during production to result in a rigid form of PVC that maintains optimal user safety and cost effective properties. uPVC warrants absolutely zero upkeep, cutting back on long-term maintenance costs.


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