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Why Choose uPVC Double Glazed Windows from Wilkins Windows?


upvc double glazed windowsuPVC double glazed windows continue to rise in demand within the building and design industries in Australia.

With the abundance of double glazing companies on the market, a thorough decision making process is called for, to assess the ideal choice for the nature of the project at hand.


uPVC Double Glazed Windows by Wilkins Windows

Wilkins Windows aims to be the go-to provider of high-quality uPVC assemblies for homeowners, builders and design professionals all over the country, and beyond. The New South Wales-based company is dedicated to international standards of quality, to score highly across various considerations, in choosing the right supplier, such as:

  1. Quality of Installers ? Wilkins Windows has been in the window manufacturing business for nearly two decades. During production, the family owned company harnesses no less than top-quality components using industry standard building techniques. All the way to distribution, Wilkins Windows offers maintenance services to ensure optimum performance in the long run.
  2. Window Security ? All windows must be able to protect homes and commercial properties from harsh external elements, as well as unwanted intruders. Wilkins Windows sources uPVC from Rehau, world-renowned German-based innovators in polymer-based systems, manufactured through a proprietary extrusion process. Rehau uPVC maximises durability and resistance to compressive stresses, ensuring the strength of uPVC double glazed windows.
  3. Experienced Representatives ? At the helm of Wilkins Windows is Robert Wilkins, a licensed builder and carpenter for more than 40 years. Robert formed Wilkins Windows to provide his own platform of extending his breadth of knowledge and expertise in the business. Between him and the team of specialists, Wilkins Windows can provide industry specifiers with the best advice regarding the design, insulation, finishing and other ins and outs of windows and doors.
  4. Cost Against Value ? Under the current harsh economic climate, value for money is of top priority for all consumers. uPVC derived from industry-standard PVC, widely used for its user safety and cost-efficiency. Wilkins Windows does not compromise on these sought-after properties in the construction of uPVC double glazed windows. The double glazing process allows for improved insulation power, resulting in remarkable reductions in heating and cooling costs. In action, uPVC double glazed windows save on both cost and energy, making for a truly sustainable product.
  5. Solid Reputation ? Wilkins Windows has received positive feedback from industry specifiers across Australia. Their longevity is a testament to their strict commitment to quality and service, allowing them to establish an extensive portfolio of both commercial and residential projects.


Learn more about uPVC double glazed windows by Wilkins Windows via www.wilkinswindows.com.au.