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uPVC Double Glazed Windows in Sydney


upvc double glazed windows in sydneyWilkins Windows is largely depended on for the supply of unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) double glazed windows in Sydney.

Proudly Australian, the New South Wales-based company sources uPVC from Rehau, world-leading innovators of polymer-based systems from Germany. Rehau’s proprietary extrusion and uPVC process deliver maximum performance at optimum energy efficiency.

With uPVC windows, Wilkins Windows has received outstanding feedback from homeowners and industry professionals alike.

Why Use uPVC Double Glazed Windows in Sydney?

Sydney has a humid subtropical climate. Especially in late summer, when temperatures can soar over 35?C. Additionally, the capital of New South Wales experiences an urban heat island effect that makes certain parts of the city more prone to extreme heat.

For when the sun seems too much to bear, Wilkins Windows proudly offers uPVC double glazed windows in Sydney. Designed in New South Wales for New South Wales, the modern window furnishings are the ideal cost-effective solution for both domestic and commercial projects.

uPVC has long been used as a building material across Europe and North America. Derived from industry standard PVC, uPVC is made by removing plasticisers during production. The result is a rigid form of PVC that retains its cost and energy efficient properties. Also known as vinyl sliding, uPVC continues to gain a stronger patronage within the building and construction industry in Australia, with Wilkins Windows amongst the top providers.

The production team at Wilkins Windows uses low-E (low emissivity) glass systems for the manufacture of uPVC windows. The state-of-the-art glass technology is specially designed to reflect heat back into the room to regulate temperatures to occupants’ comfort while conserving electric heating and cooling costs. Alternatively, low-E glass blocks harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays that can damage the eyes and the skin.
Aside from thermal insulation, uPVC windows also provide exceptional acoustic performance. In fact, uPVC windows are fully compliant to performance standards in accordance with the Aircraft Noise projects.

Wilkins Windows can improve insulation performance even further through the double glazing process. Double glazed units are built by separating two insulated glass panels at the minimum distance of 20mm. This air gap makes for a thermal barrier that reduces heat transfer through the unit. Double glazing is highly recommended for uPVC windows since uPVC accommodates a greater distance as compared to traditional timber. In action, uPVC double glazed windows allow occupants to enjoy a comfortable indoor ambience throughout the year.


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