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uPVC Double Glazed Windows for Energy Efficiency by Wilkins Windows


uPVC windows for energy efficiencyUnplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) double glazed windows are the energy-efficient choice for windows in the modern Australian home. Wilkins Windows are amongst the pioneering providers of cutting-edge window solutions, with expertise honed by nearly two decades of service. Today, the New South-Wales company continues to help build more sustainable building infrastructure across the country.

Why choose uPVC double glazed windows?

uPVC first found popularity amongst building and design industries in Europe, all the way to North America. In Australia, the state-of-the-art building material has started to gain traction on the strength of superior insulation, build quality, and energy efficiency. These features have made uPVC a popular choice for the manufacture of windows, as well as doors, for both commercial and domestic projects.

Double glazing adds layers of insulation power to uPVC windows. This is achieved by using two insulated glass panes, separated to allow an optimal 20mm-wide air gap, which serves as a barrier against heat transfer. The process is perfectly suited to uPVC as it allows a larger air gap than most applications, such as timber and regular aluminium frames.

Why choose Wilkins Windows?

At the helm of Wilkins Windows is Robert Wilkins, a licensed builder and carpenter with a track record of over 40 years in the industry. Robert’s longevity in his profession has instilled in him a thorough understanding of quality construction, particularly the components that make it possible. He believed that the best way to guarantee the ongoing security of supply was by taking control of the manufacturing process. In fact, this philosophy led to his decision to purchase the window company later known as Wilkins Windows.

Robert has long cultivated ties with Rehau ? German-based global leader in polymer-based innovations and systems ? for the supply of the uPVC in double glazed windows. Before uPVC double glazed windows, timber windows were the core business of the company. Robert jumped at the opportunity to become a representative of Rehau when the five star energy rating system was about to be implemented in New South Wales. His motivations were brought about by the first-hand experience of using the Rehau product in his own home, so as to ensure quality and performance within uPVC double glazed windows.

According to Robert, durability is of top priority during the production of uPVC double glazed windows, aside from energy efficiency. He says that the Rehau product is white throughout the manufacturing process to make sure any bumps and scratches are exhibited, and thereafter polished clean.

Robert’s long-standing expertise in the industry mirrors the outstanding service of Wilkins Windows for 18 years and counting. With highly professional, yet personal, client collaboration, Wilkins Windows secures its place at the top of the window-manufacturing sector in Australia.


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