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uPVC Double Glazed Doors in Canberra


upvc double glazed doors in canberraWilkins Windows is one of the top suppliers of uPVC double glazed doors in Canberra, Sydney and other key cities in Australia.

For nearly 20 years, the New South Wales-based company has established a strong presence within the building and design industries with a continuously growing catalogue of window and door systems. ? Dedicated to world-class standards of quality, the product development team at Wilkins Windows continues to expand their trusted catalogue, while keeping abreast with the newest industry trends.

uPVC Double Glazed Doors in Canberra

Through comprehensive projects and reforms, Canberra has become a shining beacon for a greener future, being recognised as the most sustainable city in the country, as well as the 18th most sustainable city in the world.

The Canberran building sector continues to set a prime example for incorporating sustainability in design, from the components to the techniques employed. Wilkins Windows takes part in this movement as a trusted supplier of energy-efficient window and door assemblies, including uPVC double glazed doors in Canberra.

uPVC is a rigid form of PVC, the third most widely manufactured synthetic plastic polymer in the world. In addition to energy efficiency, PVC is noted for its inherent user safety in a wide range of applications. uPVC was developed to achieve higher dimensional stability without drastically diminishing the cost effective properties of PVC.

Initially finding popularity in Europe and North America, uPVC gained momentum in Australia with Wilkins Windows as one of the pioneers. The family-owned company expanded their timber catalogue to accommodate eco-friendly assemblies built from uPVC by Rehau, world renowned innovators in polymer-based systems.

A German company, Rehau has developed a proprietary extrusion process for uPVC to deliver optimum performance in terms of insulation power, durability and energy efficiency. The production team at Wilkins Windows maintains a white colour of the uPVC material during manufacture to expose any marks and scratches, whereupon they are polished off for maximum durability and aesthetics.

Wilkins Windows uses low-E (low emissivity) glass systems to bounce off harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, while reflecting back thermal energy into the room. The cutting-edge glass technology is specially designed to maintain a comfortable ambience from the summers through the cool winters.

uPVC doors are available in double glazed units for improved insulation power. Double glazing uses two insulated glass panes separated by a minimal distance of 20mm, which serves as a thermal and acoustic barrier. uPVC allows for a greater air gap compared to conventional building materials, including timber and steel.


Learn all about uPVC double glazed doors in Canberra via the official website of Wilkins Windows at www.wilkinswindows.com.au.