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uPVC Bifold Doors for Shopfronts by Wilkins Windows


uPVC bifold doors for shopfrontsWilkins Windows has years of experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of uPVC Bifold Doors for Shopfronts and other commercial applications.

The Australian-owned and operated company has been in the window and door manufacturing business for 18 years and counting.

This acquired longevity is a bearing on their strict commitment to international standards of quality, from production all the way to installation.


Why use uPVC bifold doors for shopfronts?

uPVC bifold doors for shopfronts are a classic, yet innovative choice. The bifold operating mechanism is an industry standard, widely chosen for its simple profile and adaptability to various design styles.

Wilkins supplies Rehau uPVC, a German-based industry leader in polymer-based systems and innovations. Through a proprietary extrusion process, Rehau harnesses the cost-effective properties of PVC to produce a rigid form known as uPVC. No plasticisers are found in the chemical makeup of uPVC, thereby reinforcing structural strength and dimensional stability at no compromise of insulation power and user safety.

In action, uPVC doors help regulate indoor temperatures to make for a pleasing ambience throughout the year. Aside from thermal insulation, the assemblies also minimise the passage of harsh outside noise. uPVC doors result in remarkable reductions in heating and cooling costs, making them the energy-efficient choice.

Robert Wilkins, owner of Wilkins Windows and licensed builder for more than 40 years, has had first-hand experience in using Rehau uPVC, hence he grabbed the opportunity to become the company’s representative in Australia when the five-star energy rating was about to be implemented in New South Wales. Wilkins Windows is proud to be one of the pioneers of using uPVC in the production of windows and doors in Australia.

According to Robert, the foundation of quality construction are quality components ? it is important to take control of the manufacturing process in order to achieve ongoing security of supply. He stated that the Rehau uPVC profile is white during production, so any bumps and scratches will be readily visible for subsequent polishing and finishing. The result is uPVC that never rots, rusts, faded or flakes, providing maximum durability and aesthetic value.

Double glazed units are highly popular in specifying uPVC doors. The process involves adding a 20mm air gap between two insulated glass panes, resulting in a natural barrier against heat and noise transfer. Double glazing is recommended for uPVC assemblies since a larger air gap is allowed as compared to traditional timber and aluminium frames.


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