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Types of uPVC Entrance Doors by Wilkins Windows


types of upvc doorsuPVC entrance doors are amongst the top-selling products from the trusted Wilkins Windows catalogue. With an extensive portfolio spanning nearly two decades, Wilkins Windows has built an impressive reputation as an industry leader within the building and design industries in Australia. The New South Wales-based company delivers highly professional, yet personal services in providing their innovative uPVC frames, as well as their specialised timber assemblies.

What is uPVC?

uPVC is a derivative of PVC, the rigid polymer widely used in construction, transportation and healthcare. uPVC is made by removing plasticisers in the manufacture of PVC, thereby reinforcing durability and dimensional stability without diminishing user safety.

Wilkins Windows has teamed up with Rehau for the supply of premium uPVC assemblies in the construction of doors and windows. The German-based company is recognised as global leaders in polymer-based innovations and systems. Rehau’s proprietary uPVC and extrusion process ensures superior performance, energy efficiency and sustainability.

During production, Wilkins Windows maintains the white colour of the Rehau profile to ensure bumps and scratches are visible and thereafter removed. The result are sleek and durable uPVC assemblies with exceptional insulation power.

specifying upvc doors

Specifying uPVC Entrance Doors by Wilkins Windows

Wilkins Windows offers various options for uPVC entrance doors, namely:

  1. Single Door ? Single uPVC entrance doors are the classic choice, suitable for any commercial or residential application.
  1. French Door ? French doors are designed to enhance any building design, may it be Federation, Art Deco or contemporary. The French door style is achieved using wide-set transparent or translucent glass panels framed in uPVC.
  1. Single/Fixed Combination ? Wilkins Windows assembled the single/fixed combination type door to add variety to the door operating mechanism. A popular feature for modern spaces with offbeat, avant-garde motifs.
  1. Bi-Fold Door ? Bi-fold doors are installed in wide entrances. The extended glass-paneled door profile allows clients to display the interiors of their homes or commercial properties.
  1. Double Slider ? Double sliding doors are highly recommended for contemporary spaces. In addition to convenience, the operating mechanism offers energy saving features by reducing the heat escaped when opened in comparison with standard hinged doors that fully swing open.


For the glass panels, industry specifiers can choose from tinted, lead lite, low-E (emissivity), double glazed, thermal or insulation glass, as well as obscure glass in different textures. Obscure glass has optional glass decorations, including Obscure, Rain, Glue Chip, Flemish and white translucent. Meanwhile, tinted glass is available in a myriad of designs, such as Tuscan Jewel Zinclight and Grey Slumped Waterfall.



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