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Timber Bifold Doors for Residential Properties by Wilkins Windows

timber bifold doors

Wilkins Windows does wonders for timber bifold doors, harnessing only the finest-quality materials and the most reliable building techniques.

Timber assemblies have been the core business of the Australian-owned and operated company before branching out to their increasingly popular unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC).

Through nearly two decades of service, Wilkins Windows has won the trust and loyalty of top industry professionals across the country.



Timber Bifold Doors: Form and Functionality

Timber doors and windows by Wilkins Windows are built with first-rate mortise and tenon joints, hardware, and fittings. Wilkins Windows takes a streamlined approach to design, resulting in different types of assemblies for versatile applications in commercial and residential projects. For timber doors, the catalogue offers standard entry doors, French doors, double sliders, sliding stacker doors, and bi-fold doors. For residential applications, the latter is one of the most popular options.

residential timber bifold doors

As with all Wilkins Windows timber products, timber bifold doors are manufactured from western red cedar with a high-grade finish. A global industry standard, western red cedar exhibits high structural strength and resistance to premature deterioration. Its outstanding wearability ensures the longevity of the timber’s shelf life even under demanding conditions. Upon application, western red cedar is a pleasure to the senses: elegant to sight, fragrant to smell, and grand to touch.

Wilkins Windows offers both single and double glazed units of their entire timber product range. Double glazed units are the ideal choice for superior thermal and acoustic insulation. The double glazing process entails separating two insulated glass panes at the optimal distance of 20mm to accommodate an air gap within the unit. With an added drying agent, this minimal space inhibits indoor heat from escaping through the airtight glass panes, and outdoor noise from entering indoor premises. In accordance with the Sydney and Adelaide Aircraft Noise Insulation Projects, the acoustic performance of Wilkins Windows timber products are government-approved for up to 45 dBA (A-weighted decibels) noise cancellation.

sustainable timber bifold doors

Sustainability is another sought-after feature of timber bifold doors. Timber is world-renowned for being an all-natural and renewable resource. It stores carbon throughout its life cycle, starting from production that is notably less energy-hungry than most other building materials. During its course, timber contributes significantly fewer emissions into the atmosphere.

Known for their professional yet personalised services, Wilkins Windows can customise timber bifold doors to any size or shape. The team has certified expertise on seamlessly blending old and new joinery to complement existing designs, from Federation, Art Deco to contemporary styles.

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