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Tilt-and-Turn vs. Sliding Double Glazed Windows


tilt & turn Vs sliding double glazed windowsWilkins Windows is the company of choice for sliding double glazed windows. The Australian-owned and operated company has a prolific track record spanning nearly two decades. Robert Wilkins, owner of Wilkins Windows, has been a professional builder and carpenter for more than 40 years. Without a doubt, Wilkins Windows has certified expertise in the design, production and distribution of top-quality windows, as well as doors within the building and design industries.

What are Sliding Double Glazed Windows?

Wilkins Windows laid the foundation of their brand on timber windows and doors. Experiencing steady growth, the family-owned company soon expanded their trade to specialised assemblies, manufactured from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC).

uPVC is derived from industry-standard PVC, harnessed by various industries around the world for its flexibility, user safety and cost efficiency. uPVC was developed by foregoing the addition of plasticisers to result in a more robust build, without significantly compromising the in-demand features and benefits of PVC. Wilkins Windows is distinguished as one of the foremost companies to use uPVC in the manufacture of windows and doors in Australia.

The production team at Wilkins Windows uses Rehau uPVC, made with a proprietary extrusion process that maximises structural strength and durability. In addition, Rehau uPVC provides optimum insulation power, a sought-after functionality for windows. Incorporated with Low-E (emissivity) glass technology, uPVC windows help maintain ideal indoor temperatures all year round.

Wilkins Windows encourages clients to go the extra mile and specify double glazed units for their uPVC windows. The double glazing process entails using two insulated glass panels with a 20mm distance in between, resulting in an air gap that serves as a thermal barrier. It also doubles as an acoustic barrier, hence, double glazed uPVC windows make for the ultimate solution to a comfortable ambience all the time.

Double glazed uPVC windows are available in a variety of profiles and designs. Casement and tilt and turn systems come in a prestige-design 60mm system. With a gentle push or pull, tilt and turn windows can be operated to control the light and privacy in a space. For a more comfortable and easy-to-maintain home, sliding double glazed windows are highly recommended. Sliding systems by Wilkins Windows are available in Euroslid-design sliding profiles; Brilliant-design lift and slide patio doors; prestige-design tile and slide patio doors, prestige-design bi-fold sliding doors. Users only need to make an easy push to open or close the assembly, while also saving on energy by controlling the opening of the system.


Learn more about sliding double glazed windows by Wilkins Windows at www.wilkinswindows.com.au.