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Sliding Double Glazed Windows by Wilkins Windows


sliding double glazed windowsSliding double glazed windows are the ideal choice for homeowners and design experts who prefer to keep things low-key. The window assemblies can be the perfect feature for a minimalistic approach towards interior design. They also provide discreet, yet valuable functionality in maintaining a pleasing indoor ambience. For the best in both aesthetics and service, Wilkins Windows offers the number-one solution.

Specifying Sliding Double Glazed Windows

In service for nearly two decades, Wilkins Windows has built a comprehensive catalogue of windows and doors for both residential and commercial applications. Clients can exercise their creative freedom with a wide range of customisation options, ranging from build, design, to operating mechanism. For the latter, windows are available in sliding, inward opening or outward opening types with even further subtypes to choose from.

double glazed sliding windowsSliding windows are distinguished by their reserved and unobtrusive profile. While opening-type windows extend their vicinity in operation, sliding windows are confined to the exact space occupied upon installation. With an easy sideways force, sliding windows can be opened or closed with adequate control over light and privacy. Clients can opt for single sliders, double sliders or three-panel sliders to find the right size for their project. In addition, sliding windows come in a myriad of catalogue designs. Bespoke services are available for clients who have a specific vision for their project.

Wilkins Windows can manufacture sliding windows from either premium timber or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC). For timber windows, the production team uses first-rate western red cedar, renowned for its excellent durability and fragrance. Western red cedar is highly resistant to hard wear and premature deterioration, even under harsh weather conditions. The building material also retains its aesthetic value with a high-quality finish.

For uPVC windows, Wilkins Windows enlists sophisticated German-made uPVC from Rehau, one of the leading polymer innovators in the world. uPVC has ascended to global market standards for its superior insulation power, structural strength and energy efficiency. Wilkins Windows reinforces performance with state-of-the-art Low-E (low emissivity) glass technology using ultra-thin metallic coatings. The system reflects radiant energy, ultraviolet (UV) rays and infrared from the sun while reflecting heat back into the room.

Sliding windows by Wilkins Windows are highly recommended for double glazing. The process uses two insulated glass panes, separated by a 20mm distance to accommodate an air gap that serves as a thermal barrier. Sliding double glazed windows have been used in various large-scale projects across the country, from Maroubra to the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).



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