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Sliding Doors by Wilkins Windows


sliding doorsSliding doors by Wilkins Windows come in flexible options for all kinds of applications in both residential and commercial properties. Wilkins Windows has operated to a gold standard of quality and service for nearly two decades. With this longevity, the Australian-owned and operated company has developed a versatile catalogue of high-quality window and door solutions for the building and design industries.

For sliding doors, Wilkins Windows offers streamlined assemblies made from high-quality timber and unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC).

Timber Sliding Doors

Wilkins Windows utilises high-quality western red cedar, along with mortise and tenon joints, in the production of timber doors and windows. Western red cedar is a globally used building material for its high strength, weatherability and resistance to rot and decay. Aside from exceptional build quality, it also exhibits a pleasing fragrance in any application.

Slider options are available in both single and double glazed units. With personal service, Wilkins Windows can customise the timber doors into any size or shape based on the requirements of the project at hand. In the aesthetics department, timber doors can complement virtually any building design, including Contemporary, Federation and Art Deco.

uPVC Sliding Doors

uPVC is a rising industry-standard building material in Australia, noted for assemblies that resist rot, rust, flaking or fading. Using uPVC, Wilkins Windows makes doors that virtually last a lifetime.

The surfaces of uPVC doors are built for high-impact strength and a high-gloss finish, combating the harsh effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. With steel reinforcement, uPVC doors deliver outstanding, long-term service in any application. With a glazing rebate, that can easily accommodate double glazed units.

uPVC doors have a multi-chambered profile that contributes to heat and noise insulation. Dual seals enhance the tightness of the assembly to prevent the transfer or air, water, heat and sound. In addition, the fusion-welded frames and sashes prevent leaks, whereas the Euro-grove provides a multipoint-locking gear for improved security.

Acoustic Insulation + Fire Ratings

Wilkins Windows can supply both timber and uPVC sliding doors with superb acoustic insulation. Their sophisticated sound shield has received government approval in accordance with the Sydney and Adelaide Aircraft Noise Insulation Projects. In action, the acoustic doors reduce noise of up to 45 dBA (A-weighted decibels).

For bushfire prone areas, Wilkins Windows can supply timber and uPVC doors with Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL) of up to 40. BAL ratings are certified to the Australian Standard AAS 3959, specifying the different building materials and practices for bushfire hazard levels.


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