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Reinforced uPVC Bifold Doors for Residential Applications


reinforced uPVC bifold doors

uPVC bifold doors offer an alternative solution for homeowners who are looking for door options that provide the maximum level of natural light to enter the home's interior.

Over the years, the uPVC bifold doors have become a popular choice for residential and commercial applications who want to enjoy the benefits of using a fully retractable door system.

For the highest quality and function of uPVC bifold doors, industry specifiers and homeowners choose Wilkins Windows!

With a service record spanning almost two decades, Wilkins Windows has specialised in the design, production and distribution of high-quality windows and doors assemblies in the Australian market.

The NSW-based and family-owned company combines the highest standards of traditional service with premium materials in crafting their range of products, including timber, bushfire-rated, acoustic and uPVC bifold doors.

What are the Benefits of uPVC Bifold Doors?

Aside from getting the most natural light, uPVC bifold doors also offer other benefits, such as the following:

Slim Profile
uPVC bifold doors have a slimmer profile compared to conventional patio doors or French doors. It creates a seamless modern appeal that provides maximum visibility and structural support.

Minimal Upkeep
uPVC is a versatile, robust and low-maintenance material. All it needs is looking after the working parts, such as the handles, locking systems and hinges, as well as keeping the window glasses clean.

The bifold door glasses can be washed using warm, soapy water and a clean cloth. For hinges, handles and locking systems, spray some oil into the door key, locking strip or on the friction hinges. Wipe away excess oil and check for any loose parts.

Practical and Versatile
uPVC bifold doors are ideal to use for wide, open spaces as the doors can span the length of the side of a dwelling. This is also recommended for homeowners who want to turn the outdoor space into another usable room.

Bifold doors can be neatly folded away on one side without interfering with the access of people, especially for the elderly who are in wheelchairs, or mobility devices that need wider access and a minimal step.

Safety and Security
Wilkins Windows doesn't hold back with the materials being used for their wide range of door and window products. UPVC bifold doors use no less than high-performing and energy-efficient double glazed glass systems, also known as Low-E glass technology.

The state-of-the-art glass system uses two insulated glass panels with the optimal airspace of 20mm to create an efficient thermal barrier. Wilkins Windows also offer Low-E glass with Argon gas, an insulating agent that further enhance the thermal efficiency of double glazed uPVC windows and doors. In addition to thermal efficiency, double glazed windows are weatherproof and soundproof.

Wilkins Windows teamed up with Rehau, a German-based company who specialises in polymer solutions, to bringing the cost-effective and superior insulation properties of uPVC assembly in the Australian building and construction industry.


If you are looking for the ideal uPVC bifold doors, look no further than Wilkins Windows. Schedule an appointment today by calling 02 9833 2993 or head over www.wilkinswindows.com.au today.