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Why Choose Multi-Chambered Timber Bifold Doors?


multi-chambered timber bifold doorsCustomised multi-chambered timber bifold doors offer great design flexibility and functionality for both residential and commercial applications. This type of door assembly does not block the view, but instead lets the natural light in, adding warmth and enhancing the room’s interior design.

Multi-chambered timber bifold doors work well for both internal and external use. They can be installed on balconies, sunrooms and patios. For internal applications, timber bifold doors can be utilised as room dividers between a kitchen and dining area, or a living room and entertainment area.

Multi-Chambered Timber Bifold Doors in NSW and ACT

Since 1999, the family-owned and operated Wilkins Windows, have continuously provided a variety of specialised uPVC and timber bifold doors in the NSW and ACT areas. The team of experts at Wilkins Windows work in close collaboration with major industry specifiers, such as the interior designers, architects and builders to establish a seamless integration of windows and doors assembly to any design specifications.

Just like all Wilkins Windows timber products, the multi-chambered timber bifold doors are built to a gold standard to ensure long-term quality and cost-effective door performance. Using only western red cedar, the timber bifold doors offer a high-grade finish, durability and resistance to extreme weather and other harmful natural elements.

Why Choose Wilkins Windows Multi-Chambered Timber Bifold Doors?

Wilkins Windows’ timber product range provides the following benefits:

Design Oriented
The clear finish, western red cedar brings a natural look that gives a home a cosy ambience. Whether it is used to create multi-chambered timber bifold doors or solid timber French doors, the soft red-brown timber is highly regarded for its distinct appearance, scent and exceptional longevity.

Wilkins Windows also have a wide variety of optional glass options to use with timber framed bifold doors.

obscure glass options

The obscure glass options have different textures, tinted glasses and design to choose from, allowing the specifiers to make their client’s design dreams come to life.

door glass options

Acoustic and Thermal Insulation
The entire timber product range from Wilkins Windows are available in both single or double glazed units. Double glazing is the optimum choice for clients who want to conserve energy with an added benefit of soundproofing.

The process of double glazing involves the use of two glass panes separated at a 20mm distance. The airtight seal between the glass panes acts as an added layer of thermal insulation. This system reduces dependency on heating and cooling by minimising the amount of heat escaping in winter and preventing the heat to enter during summer.

Acoustic insulation is also an advantage in using sealed double glazing. The space between the glass cuts down medium to high frequency noise, such as human voices and vehicular noise. In fact, all Wilkins Windows door and window assemblies are government approved with up to 45 dBA noise cancellation.

Multi-chambered timber bifold doors are made from all-natural and renewable sources. Timbers are widely known to store and use up carbon than emitting it into the atmosphere. When timbers reach ?a certain age of maturity, they cease to draw in more carbon. Therefore, cutting them down and replacing them with young saplings, hungry for more carbons, is considered healthy for the environment.

Low Maintenance
Timber framed bifold doors have minimal upkeep. All that is needed to be done to maintain the structural integrity of the glass design, is regular cleaning using warm water, vinegar-based cleaning agent or soapy water and dry, clean cloth.


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