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High-Performing uPVC Double Glazed Windows:
Jindabyne Project


high performing upvc double glazed windows

For 19 years, Wilkins Windows has continuously provided clients with specialised uPVC double glazed windows and doors across the ACT and NSW area. The family-owned and operated business has amassed an extensive range of versatile and functional windows and doors suitable for indoor and outdoor applications for both residential and commercial properties. Major industry specifiers trust Wilkins Windows, not just for their high-quality products, but also for their professionalism and world-class service.

JindabyneWilkins Windows uPVC Double Glazed Windows in Action

One of the team's project highlights is a townhouse refurbishment in one of Australia's highest settlements, Jindabyne.

Situated at 918 metres above sea level, Jindabyne is connected to neighbouring Kosciuszko Road, Alpine Way West, Wodonga, Barry Way and Gippsland. Town residents are no strangers to chilly weather and snow falls, making Jindabyne a popular service town for Australia's ski resorts.

In preparation for the upcoming ski season, Wilkins Windows was commissioned to complete a townhouse refurbishment project. The project involved the installation of uPVC double glazed windows and doors, which are ideal for the extreme temperatures of the Snowy Mountains.

Windows and doors are essential in any building structure, and as the industry focus shifts towards sustainability, more homeowners and specifiers are defining energy-efficient windows and doors. Wilkins Windows provides the tag-team solution with uPVC double glazed windows and doors.

Double glazing combines multiple insulated glass panels into a single window or door system. The insulated glass panes are separated by an air gap, providing an additional layer of insulation. Wilkins Windows uPVC double glazed windows and doors are made of high-performing Low-E glass panels that deliver maximum thermal insulation. The state-of-the-art glass technology employs thin layers of metallic coatings that reflect the infrared radiant energy and ultraviolet rays from the sun, while conversely reflecting heat back into the room. The optically transparent Low-E glass enables the light to pass through the glass to brighten up the indoor ambience.

double glazed windows in snowy mountainsAside from outstanding thermal performance, uPVC double glazed windows and doors also bring remarkable benefits for home and property owners.

Reduced Energy Costs
In addition to cladding, uPVC double glazed windows and doors are the ideal energy-efficient components of a building structure. They minimise the amount of heat escaping in winter and also keeps home interiors comfortable during the hot summer months.

Home Safety
uPVC double glazed windows and doors offer additional security. Two insulated glass panes are much stronger compared to a single pane window, which makes it harder for burglars to break.

Acoustic Insulation
uPVC double glazed windows and doors are effective in minimising outside noise. All uPVC double glazed product range from Wilkins Windows is approved by the Sydney and Adelaide Aircraft Noise Project. They are able to reduce human and traffic noise of up to 80% or 45 dba.

Furniture Protection
The low emissivity of the insulating glass panes limit the amount of light that enters the house, consequently restricting the exposure of furniture from the sun's harmful rays which causes premature deterioration and fading of colour.

Minimised Carbon Footprint
If a building structure is adequately equipped with energy-efficient components like cladding and double glazing, the less its inhabitant will likely to rely on heating and cooling systems. This will significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and lower carbon footprint.


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