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Heritage Window Repair and Replacement in Darlinghurst


heritage window repairWilkins Windows takes pride in revitalising heritage building projects with their trusted catalogue of windows and doors.

Most recently, Wilkins Windows was responsible for the heritage window repair and replacement for a residential building in Darlinghurst, a densely populated eastern suburb of Sydney.

Since the 1980s, Darlinghurst has undergone urban renewal to become the bustling cosmopolitan area it is today, with the majority of the residents living in apartments or terraced houses.

Heritage Window Repair and Replacement in Darlinghurst

Wilkins Windows specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of high-performance windows and doors for both residential and commercial applications. Their craftsmanship can be seen in a seven-storey heritage apartment building in Darlinghurst. The project brief required Wilkins Windows to repair and replace the old heritage window units, with old weight and pulleys on the double hung windows.

heritage window replacementWilkins Windows organised all works under one banner, including the homeowner warranty and onsite supervision. Upon completion, the team installed a total of 72 units for the Strata Managers of the project. Aside from heritage window repair and replacement, Wilkins Windows also carried out painting and upgrades to ensure all units looked brand new.

In service for nearly two decades, Wilkins Windows has become a recognised leader in windows and doors within the building and design industries in Australia. The product development team at Wilkins Windows has developed an extensive range of windows and doors using no less than high-quality components and streamlined building techniques.

Timber assemblies were initially the sole core business of Wilkins Windows. The production uses only premium western red cedar, globally used for excellent weatherability and aesthetics. Cedar has the ability to preserve its structural integrity even under harsh weather conditions. Processed to a high-build finish, timber windows and doors contribute effortless visual appeal and fragrance for an overall pleasant ambience. In addition, the units are highly sustainable as timber is a naturally occurring renewable resource.

From timber, Wilkins Windows expanded their trade to harness the cost-efficient properties of unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC). Already an established building material in European and North American construction, uPVC is seeing global recognition for its outstanding insulation power. In Australia, Wilkins Windows are among the pioneers of uPVC for the production of windows and doors.

Wilkins Windows sources uPVC from Rehau, one of the world’s leading innovators in polymer-based systems. The uPVC assemblies can be specified in double glazed units to boost the performance and longevity of insulation.

upvc windows for heritage building


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