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Heritage Replacement Windows


heritage replacment windowsWilkins Windows has qualified experience in the design, production and distribution of heritage replacement windows in Australia. The New South Wales-based company has developed an advanced manufacturing process for handcrafted windows using no less than top-grade components and proven building techniques.

The production team at Wilkins Windows has received critical praise for matching the style of existing profiles with remarkable attention to detail. Whether made of timber or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC), all units capture the splendour of heritage listed windows, while delivering sought-after functionalities like thermal and acoustic insulation.


Heritage Replacement Windows In Action

Wilkins Windows has been enlisted for heritage window repair and replacement by homeowners and industry professionals across the country.


  1. replacement heritage windows Darlinghurst
    ? Darlinghurst, a densely populated eastern suburb of Sydney, has undergone urban renewal since the 1980s. Majority of residents live in apartments or terraced houses, typical for a busy cosmopolitan area. Wilkins Windows is responsible for numerous window repair and replacement projects in Darlinghurst. Including a seven-floor heritage apartment building with old heritage windows with old weight and pulleys on the double hung windows. Under Strata Managers, the team were able to paint, repair and upgrade 72 units to look like new. As licensed workers, Wilkins Widows organised all works under one banner, including on-site supervision and the Home Owner Warranty.

  2. replacement heritage windows Darling Point
    Darling Point
    ? Renowned for its desirable and expensive real estate, Darling Point is a harbourside eastern suburb of Sydney. Mostly residential, the suburb is acknowledged as one of the most exclusive and prestigious suburbs in the country. One of Wilkins Windows’ proudest works in the area is an apartment complex overlooking Rose Bay. The team was enlisted to replace, paint and render areas of decay on the Eastern side of the property. The heritage listed windows and existing paint were matched to achieve the same grandeur 50 years ago when they were installed. Some of the owners chose to upgrade to double glazed units for superior thermal efficiency.

  3. replacement heritage windows Gladstone
    ? One of the oldest hotels in Queensland, The Grand Hotel has been in service for nearly 120 years in the peaceful city of Gladstone. The establishment has stood the test of time with continuous renovations, including a late 2013 project that saw the opening of a Ribs & Rump Restaurant, and dining areas in The Coffee Club. Wilkins Windows took part in the major refurbishment and extension project, enlisted to supply timber heritage doors and windows that match the existing profiles in the hotel.


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