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Why Choose Wilkins Windows Euro-Grove Timber French Doors?


Euro-Grove Timber French DoorsEuro-Grove Timber French Doors are secured gateways to sections of the house that overlook wide open spaces such as balconies, porches, verandahs, patios and terraces.

It is the go-to choice amongst architects and designers to set how much natural light and air flow through inside the space without security and safety risks.

French doors have glass panes extending to most of the door's length. Wilkins Windows manufactures custom made timber French doors made to fit any customer requirements, often the biggest downfall of most run-of-the-mill doors.

Customised Euro-Grove Timber French Doors are made with high-quality western red cedar, an industry standard known for its structural strength and flexibility, not to mention its classy aesthetics and? fragrance.

Wilkins Windows offer a wide range of glass options for clients to choose from such as Diamond Flower Zinclight; Diamond Jewel Zinclight; Clear Bevelled Zinclight; Deco Zinclight; Tuscan Jewel Zinclight; Waratah Leadlight; Blue Wren Ceramica; Rose Jewel Ceramica; Antique-Frosted Ceramica; Kookaburra Jewel Ceramica; Slumped Waterfall; Grey Slumped Waterfall; Desert Sand; and Crystal Lead.

Acoustic Performance
For added soundproofing benefits, Timber French doors with double glazed units are the way to go. The laminated glass minimizes outdoor noise. Wilkins Windows can take your acoustic performance to the next level with cutting-edge noise panels and acoustic seals available upon request.

One of the biggest concerns for building French doors is how to protect? the structure from possible burglary. Wilkins Windows Timber French Doors feature Euro-Grove. Euro-grove's multi-point, multi-locking gear provides improved security against home intruders.

Timber French Doors are more environmentally friendly and have better long-term value than the regular PVC.? Timber is naturally renewable and is carbon neutral. This means that it absorbs more CO2 than they produce, a big step to minimizing your home’s carbon footprints.

Commitment to Excellence
Wilkins Windows is an award winning Australian family brand specializing in Timber & uPVC Windows & Doors. They have been in the business since 1999 and have worked with companies, architects, builders and designers to bring their door and window ideas to life. Wilkins Windows take pride in their ability to create Federation, Art Deco and Contemporary Timber and uPVC fixtures to enhance any building.


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