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Durable uPVC Sliding Doors with Rehau Profile by Wilkins Windows


uvpc sliding doorsDurable uPVC sliding doors are top sellers from Wilkins Windows, a recognised leader in the window and door manufacturing sector in Australia. For more than 18 years, Wilkins Windows has specialised in the design, production and installation of top-quality products for both residential and commercial projects. The New South Wales-based company commits to a gold standard of quality in service to their ever-growing clientele within the building and design industries.

Durable uPVC Sliding Doors by Wilkins Windows

uPVC was already a popular building material in Europe and North America when it penetrated the Australian market. Wilkins Windows stands amongst the pioneers, harnessing uPVC’s durability, energy efficiency and insulation power for the production of windows and doors.

Wilkins Windows sources uPVC from Rehau for the assembly of windows and doors, including sliding doors. Based in Germany, Rehau is globally recognised as an industry leader in polymer-based innovations and systems. The partnership was conceived when Robert Wilkins, owner and principal of Wilkins Windows, jumped at the opportunity to become a representative for Rehau.

Robert is a licensed builder and carpenter, serving the building and construction industry for more than 40 years and counting. With his extensive track record, Robert has attained veritable expertise in the construction of windows and doors. He understands that quality construction relies on quality components, and taking control of the manufacturing process to ensure the ongoing security of supply. Hence, Robert purchased the window company known as Wilkins Windows today.

Wilkins Windows established its core business on timber windows and doors. Robert branched out to uPVC when the five-star energy rating system was implemented in New South Wales. He chose to represent Rehau as he had the first-hand experience of using their products in his own home. Robert trusted the quality of the Rehau uPVC profile for the manufacture of windows and doors that warrant the same kind of trust.

During production, the Rehau profile is white to ensure the visibility of bumps and scratches. Upon which, the production team at Wilkins Windows polishes the uPVC clean for optimum durability and aesthetics. uPVC assemblies by Wilkins Windows never rots, rusts, flakes or fades. The combination of build quality and insulation power makes uPVC assemblies the energy-efficient choice.

Sliding options are popular for contributing to the energy efficiency of uPVC assemblies, especially doors. Durable uPVC sliding doors reduce the outwards transfer of heat when opened. On the other hand, conventionally hinged doors fully swing open, allowing more space for heat to escape.


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