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Double Glazed Windows for Darling Point by Wilkins Windows


double glazed windows SydneyDouble glazed windows are among the most in-demand products within the window manufacturing sector in Australia. Emerging companies continue to saturate the market with window options of increasing number and variety, proportionally making it harder for industry specifiers to settle their purchasing decisions. One way of bypassing these delays is to opt for the tried, tested, and trusted.


Introducing Wilkins Windows

Wilkins Windows, founded by Robert Wilkins, whose 40 years’ worth of experience as a licensed builder/carpenter laid the foundation for the endeavour. Specialising in window and door assemblies, Robert has gained invaluable knowledge to understand the requirements of the building industry.


double glazing darling pointThe Delight in Double Glazed

The Wilkins Windows catalogue includes windows and doors fabricated from innovative, unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) or high-quality timber, available with acoustic and fire ratings. All windows and doors come in double glazed versions for superior thermal insulation.

Double glazing is the process of building windows with two panes of glass with minimal space in between. This assembly traps air between the panes to provide a layer of insulation, whereupon the window is sealed tight with an added drying agent to prevent the formation of moisture inside the unit. Traditional single glazed units are accounted for approximately 60% of heat loss within the home, whereas double glazed windows effectively maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.


Double glazed windows are also noteworthy for being an eco-friendly fittings. Their insulative properties can save about 10-12% in energy costs for the heating of buildings. Meanwhile, the double panes cut back on carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Ultimately, double glazed windows exhibit double the strength against significant amounts of force, thereby? reinforcing the security of people and property.


double glazed windowsDouble Glazing Darling Point

Wilkins Windows provided the supply and installation of double glazed windows for an apartment complex at Darling Point, in New South Wales. The project saw the replacement of the 50-year-old Bay windows on the eastern side of the property.

Some of the owners also upgraded to double glazed windows for improved thermal and acoustic insulation. Wilkins Windows carefully executed the project so as to match the style of the heritage-listed windows, along with the existing paint colour. The end results were well received: retaining the? iconic grandeur of the facade, with sleek, brand-new and fully functional windows providing a serene view of Rose Bay.



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