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Double Glazed uPVC Noise Reduction Windows


double glazed upvc noise reduction windowsWilkins Windows has certified credentials in the provision of double glazed uPVC noise reduction windows in Australia.

The New South Wales-based company has fine-tuned its design, production and distribution of windows and doors for nearly two decades. From timber assemblies, the product development team at Wilkins Windows expanded the core business to accommodate the rising industry standard of uPVC in building and construction.

Dedicated to international standards of quality, Wilkins Windows has received positive feedback for their uPVC product range from both homeowners and industry professionals across the country.

Double Glazed uPVC Noise Reduction Windows: The Wilkins Way

uPVC is a rigid form of PVC, the world’s third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. PVC finds its strength in its versatility, user safety, and cost-efficiency. Also known as vinyl sliding, uPVC was developed to improve the compressive strength and durability of the polymer without drastically compromising its sought-after properties.

Wilkins Windows is distinguished as one of the frontrunners in the usage of uPVC for the construction of windows and doors. Robert Wilkins, owner of Wilkins Windows and licensed builder for more than 40 years, has been an official representative for Rehau ?globally renowned German-based innovators in polymer-based systems and solutions ? since the five-star energy rating system was implemented in New South Wales. Through a proprietary extrusion process, Rehau produces high-quality uPVC that delivers the best possible performance in terms of dimensional stability and insulation power.

The production team at Wilkins Windows keeps the Rehau uPVC white during manufacture to make any scratched and imperfection visible, whereupon they polish it to a high-quality finish. uPVC windows by Wilkins Windows are built with low-E (low emissivity) glass systems. The state-of-the-art glass technology bounces off harsh ultraviolet (UV) radiation while reflecting heat back into the room. With uPVC windows, buildings can regulate indoor temperatures without depending greatly on heating and cooling systems.

Wilkins Windows highly recommends double glazed units for reinforced thermal and acoustic insulation performance. The double glazing process utilises two insulated glass panes with a minimum distance of 20mm in between. The air gap serves as a thermal and acoustic barrier that effectively inhibits the passage of heat and noise through the system. uPVC has been found out to accommodate a larger air gap in comparison with traditional timber or metal profiles. Hence, double glazed uPVC noise reduction windows by Wilkins Windows have received positive feedback for their insulation performance, in accordance with the Sydney and Adelaide aircraft insulation projects.


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