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Enhancing Your Facade with Double Glazed uPVC Front Doors


uPVC front doorsWilkins Windows adheres to no less than international standards of quality in addressing the demand for double glazed uPVC front doors in Australia.

The New South Wales-based company has been in service to the building and design industries for nearly two decades. Whether for residential or commercial applications, the trusted Wilkins Windows catalogue is guaranteed to deliver.

Why Choose Double Glazed uPVC Front Doors?

uPVC is a rigid form of PVC, the third most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer on the global scale. PVC is considered an industry standard for delivering exceptional cost efficiency; user safety in action; and versatility for a wide range of applications. uPVC was developed by removing plasticisers during production to result in higher dimensional stability and durability without significantly cutting back on the sought-after properties of PVC.

Wilkins Windows were amongst the pioneers in using uPVC for the manufacture of windows and doors in Australia. Robert Wilkins, owner of Wilkins Windows and licensed builder and carpenter for 40 years, is an official representative for Rehau, world-leading producers of polymer-based systems from Germany. With more than 70 years’ worth of expertise in polymer innovation, Rehau has developed an advanced proprietary extrusion process for uPVC that achieves maximum strength and build. Wilkins Windows harnesses the world-class qualities of Rehau uPVC with cutting-edge building techniques and technologies to build high-performance windows and doors.

For doors, the product development team at Wilkins Windows has designed different types of assemblies to complement any facade. Door profiles include single doors for a no-fuss finish; French doors for a classic, Old World European look; single or fixed combination doors for more personality; double sliders for a sleek, contemporary style; and bifold doors for wide, open spaces.

uPVC doors by Wilkins Windows consist of low-E (low emissivity) glass systems, specially designed to bounce off harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. In the same manner, the state-of-the-art glass technology reflects heat back into the room to regulate temperatures to the occupants’ comfort. In addition, uPVC doors exhibit excellent acoustic performance with noise cancellation of up to 45 dBA (A-weighted decibels).

For improved insulation, Wilkins Windows offers double glazed uPVC front doors. The double glazing process entails the separation of two insulated glass panes at the minimum distance of 20mm to accommodate an air gap, which will serve as a heat and noise barrier. Double glazing is highly recommended for uPVC units as uPVC accommodates a larger air gap in comparison to conventional timber or steel frames.


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