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Double Glazed uPVC Doors by Wilkins Windows


double glazed upvc doors

Double glazed uPVC front doors are sought-after features in green building design. Wilkins Windows addresses the demand with an extensive selection, built with only the highest-quality components and advanced building techniques.

Since 1999, Wilkins Windows has been a recognised industry leader in the window and door manufacturing sector in Australia. The New South Wales-based company is dedicated to world-class standards of quality in delivering their solutions and services. While keeping up with the latest industry trends, Wilkins Windows aims to expand their comprehensive catalogue for homeowners and design professionals across the country.


Double Glazed uPVC Front Doors

Wilkins Windows made its debut in the building and design industries with timber doors and windows at the core of their business. Through constant research and innovation, the product development team at Wilkins Windows has channelled their expertise towards branching out to innovative uPVC assemblies.

uPVC is derived from PVC, a globally used synthetic plastic polymer in construction, transportation, and healthcare. PVC is known for its cost-efficiency, user safety and flexibility in various applications. uPVC was developed by removing plasticisers in production, resulting in a rigid form of PVC that offers superior durability at no compromise of performance.

Robert Wilkins, a licensed builder and the owner of Wilkins Windows, is a representative of Rehau for the supply of premium uPVC. The German-based innovators in polymer-based systems have developed a cutting-edge proprietary manufacturing process, harnessing state-of-the-art extrusion methods. The end-product is top-quality uPVC, providing the highest level of stability and sustainability possible.

Robert has more than 40 years’ worth of professional service under his belt, granting him astute knowledge on what makes for quality construction. After personally using Rehau solutions in his home, he found the quality standards of the uPVC company to be at par with Wilkins Windows. Hence, Robert jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with Rehau when the five-star energy rating system was on the implementation stage in New South Wales.

Since then, Wilkins Windows has received positive feedback for their continuously growing uPVC range. Double glazed uPVC front doors are amongst the top sellers for both commercial and residential projects.

The double glazing process significantly boosts the performance of uPVC doors. In action, the assemblies deflect harsh ultraviolet (UV) radiation, while reflecting heat back into the room. Additionally, the acoustics are significantly improved with noise cancellation up to 45 dBA (A-weighted decibels). With double glazed uPVC doors, occupants can enjoy a pleasant indoor ambience all year round.




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