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Custom uPVC Windows: The Breakdown with Wilkins Windows


custom upvc windowsCustom uPVC windows are signature products from the trusted catalogue of Wilkins Windows.

With a service record spanning nearly two decades, Wilkins Windows has come a long way from their beginnings as a core timber business. The Australian-owned and operated company expanded their trade to uPVC windows and doors when the five-star energy rating system was finalising implementation in New South Wales.

Since then, uPVC assemblies have become an industry standard across the country, with Wilkins Windows at the forefront.


What are Custom uPVC Windows?

uPVC was developed as the rigid form of PVC, a widely used material for building, transportation and healthcare. uPVC aimed to provide the structural stability that regular PVC falls short on, without compromising the latter’s cost- and energy-efficient properties. Hence, building industries across Europe and North America took immediate action in harnessing uPVC for the construction of such assemblies as windows and doors.

Wilkins Windows is distinguished as one of the Australian companies pioneering the use of uPVC as a window building material. The product development team at Wilkins Windows have come up with a cutting-edge design, calibrating the durability and insulation power of uPVC to maximum effect.

uPVC windows by Wilkins Windows are engineered with sophisticated Low-E (low emissivity) glass technology. Low-E glass is coated with thin, optically transparent metallic coatings that can barely be seen by the naked eye. This state-of-the-art glass system permits visible light to pass through for superb clarity while reflecting radiant solar energy for outstanding thermal efficiency. Hence, residential and commercial property owners can enjoy cool summers and warm winters indoors, as well as a remarkably lower energy bill.

The Low-E glass technology of uPVC double glazed windows are reinforced with argon gas, serving as an insulating blanket in between the glass panes. The gas allows for optimum thermal performance and insulating value in the home. In addition, uPVC windows are integrated with a high performance sealant system. Insulated spacers are specially designed to flex with the glass under hot and cold thermal conditions, thereby preventing sealant failure. These units also help maintain the warmth of the glass edge, resulting in minimised condensation and superior retention of the argon gas.

Wilkins Windows proudly offers highly professional, yet personal customisation services for all their offers. Custom uPVC windows can be specified to a casement and tilt-and-turn assembly, featuring a Prestige-Design 60mm system. Alternatively, the Euroslide-Design sliding system is available, ideal for contemporary spaces.


Learn more about custom uPVC windows by Wilkins Windows by visiting www.wilkinwindows.com.au.