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Custom uPVC Windows for Maroubra by Wilkins Windows


custom upvc windows in maroubraCustom uPVC windows are the speciality of Wilkins Windows. Since 1999, Wilkins Windows has amassed an impressive portfolio of designing, manufacturing and installing sophisticated windows and doors for commercial and residential projects across Australia. The New South Wales-based company adheres to a gold standard of quality in their solutions and services, deservedly earning the trust and loyalty of top industry professionals.

Custom uPVC Windows and Doors at Maroubra

Maroubra is a beachside suburb in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, with a sunny climate characterised by warm summers and mild winters. The pleasant weather encourages an outgoing lifestyle to make the most out of the many surf spots dotting Maroubra Beach. However, with many older style apartment blocks, keeping cool indoors can be a challenge for Maroubra residents. Retrofitting old, inefficient timber windows with uPVC solutions by Wilkins Windows has been a steadily growing demand.

The uPVC division of Wilkins Windows has completed a major replacement of windows and doors for a multi-level residential building in Maroubra. With a highly professional, yet personal service, Wilkins Windows has delivered outstanding results, adding form and functionality to the overall structure.

The custom uPVC windows and doors were specified with a double glazings for enhanced thermal and acoustic performance. Double glazing takes the insulation power of uPVC to new heights. Double glazed windows make use of two insulated glass panes, separated by a nominal distance of 20mm to facilitate an air gap. The optimal space acts as a barrier against the transfer of heat and sound. As compared with standard timber and aluminium, uPVC frames are better suited to double glazing, with unit profiles designed to accommodate? the larger air gap.

In action, the uPVC double glazed windows and doors installed at the Maroubra property deliver optimum performance for the long haul. The assemblies aptly regulate indoor temperatures to maintain a comfortable indoor ambience for the coastal area. Wilkins Windows ensures the longevity of the windows and doors with less upkeep and no protective paint needed. Much to the convenience of users, it only takes a quick wipe of a cloth from time to time for the maintenance of the aesthetics and service of the products.

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Why Choose Wilkins Windows?

Wilkins Windows stands amongst the pioneers of uPVC assemblies within the national building and design industries. What makes their windows special is a build quality allowing for superior insulation, energy efficiency and sustainability.


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