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Creative Custom Double Glazed uPVC Windows


creative custom upvc double glazed windowsWilkins Windows is the company of choice for homeowners and designers who are looking for creative custom double glazed uPVC windows.

Since 1999, the family-owned and operated business has continuously provided a range of quality doors and windows assembly in the ACT and NSW area.

Wilkins Windows’ take on uPVC windows involves customisation and utilisation of double glazing to achieve the optimum level of performance, functionality and aesthetics to fit the required specifications.

Custom Double Glazed uPVC Windows: Product Focus

Windows and doors are essential components of any building structure. Using subpar materials for these components may lead to inefficient energy use, material replacement and uncomfortable indoor temperatures.

custom double glazed windowsThe process of double glazing is becoming more common in the built environment due to higher energy costs. Wilkins Windows custom double glazed uPVC windows involve the use of low-E glass technology to achieve an energy-efficient and excellent thermal performance all-year round.

Double glazing combines two panes of 35 mm thick insulated glass separated by a 20 mm air spacer that acts as a thermal barrier. The insulated glass panes are coated with thin and transparent metallic layers that deflect the heat from entering the premises while allowing light to pass through the glass.

The sealed air gap acts as an extra layer of thermal resistance which reduces the amount of heat escaping during winter, and prevents unwanted heat from getting into the home, during summer. As an additional option, Wilkins Windows offer a low-E glass technology with insulating argon gas to further boost the thermal efficiency and minimise the use of artificial heaters or air conditioners.

Aside from thermal insulation, custom double glazed uPVC windows also showcase good acoustic control. All the uPVC windows and doors assemblies from Wilkins Windows have been tested and approved by the Sydney & Adelaide Aircraft Noise Project. It has a  reduced low-frequency noise of up to 45dba.

double glazed windowsCreative Glass Options from Wilkins Windows

Wilkins Windows delivers customised services for fast and flexible compliance of project specifications. Homeowners and specifiers can choose from the range of optional creative glass decors, such as obscure glass and tinted glass designs.

All glass designs are built with great attention to detail and aesthetic value.

The obscure glass design is available in a variety of textures like Rain, Glue Chip, Flemish, Obscure and Delta Frost.

While tinted windows are available in the following options: Deco Zinclight; Diamond Flower Zinclight; Diamond Jewel Zinclight; Tuscan Jewel Zinclight; Clear Bevelled Zinclight; Waratah Leadlight; Antique-Frosted Ceramica; Kookaburra Jewel Ceramica; Blue Wren Ceramica; Rose Jewel Ceramica; Grey Slumped Waterfall; Slumped Waterfall; Desert Sand; and Crystal Lead.

glass options


For more information and creative design options on custom double glazed uPVC windows, contact Wilkins Windows at 02 9833 2993 or visit www.wilkinswindows.com.au today!