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Choosing uPVC Double Glazed Windows by Wilkins Windows


choosing upvc double glazed windows

Building and design trends are gravitating towards uPVC double glazed windows and doors for use in the modern Australian home. The remarkable performance of the innovative building material has already been proven in both residential and commercial properties across Europe, all the way to North America. Since uPVC made its way to the Australian market, more and more industry specifiers are preferring uPVC over regular PVC, wood or aluminium assemblies.


Choosing the Best uPVC Double Glazed Windows

uPVC is a derivative of industry-standard PVC, the third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer in the world. The polymer provides high flexibility, albeit at a compromise of durability. Thus, uPVC was developed by removing plasticisers during production to result in a rigid form of PVC.

Also known as vinyl siding, uPVC maintains the cost-efficient properties of PVC. Its superior build makes for the ideal solution to higher-demand construction, such as window frames and sills, fascias and doors. For the best quality, Wilkins Windows is the number-one choice.

Wilkins Windows is one of the purveyors of uPVC for the construction of window and doors within the building and design industries in Australia. In service for nearly two decades, the New South Wales-based company has won the trust and loyalty of leading industry firms, such as Alliance, Painter & Dixon, Multiplex and Steven Edward Constructions. With uPVC assemblies, Wilkins Windows diversifies their extensive catalogue towards developing a better built environment.

For the supply of uPVC, Wilkins Windows enlisted Rehau, a global industry leader in polymer-based innovations and systems. The German-based experts employ a proprietary uPVC and extrusion manufacturing process, maximising the durability, energy efficiency and sustainability of uPVC. The production team at Wilkins Windows delivers these sought-after properties in the form of windows and doors, built using precision design and advanced construction methods.

uPVC windows by Wilkins Windows bounces off ultraviolet (UV) rays using Low-E (low emissivity) glass systems with thin metallic coatings. This cutting-edge technology also reflects heat back into the room, allowing occupants to enjoy a comfortable indoor ambience throughout the year. Aside from thermal insulation, uPVC windows are also rated to noise reduction of 45 dBA (A-weighted decibels), in compliance with the Sydney and Adelaide Aircraft Noise Insulation Projects.

Wilkins Windows can supply uPVC windows with double glazing to boost insulation power. uPVC double glazed windows are built using two insulated glass panes, separated at a 20mm distance. The space serves as an air gap, which inhibits the passage of heat and noise through the assembly.



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