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Bushfire Rated Windows: Protecting NSW Homes with Wilkins Windows


bushfire rated windows protecting NSW homesWilkins Windows have certified expertise in the design, manufacture and distribution of bushfire rated windows in Australia. The New South Wales-based company has been a recognised leader in the building and design industries since 1999.

With a strict commitment to international standards of quality, Wilkins Windows have developed an extensive catalogue of windows and doors, built with no less than premium components and trusted building techniques.

Bushfire Rated Windows

Bushfires are not uncommon in Australia, especially in the state of New South Wales with its arid to semiarid climate. The 2013 New South Wales bushfires were the worst fires in the region since the 1960s, resulting in the destruction of 248 residential properties and two attributed fatalities. Just earlier this year in February, a series of fires damaged 35 dwellings as they spread over 52,000 hectares of land. Amidst the continued prevalence of global warming and climate change, it is important to ensure the safety and security of life and property against bushfires.

Wilkins Windows offers a specially designed range of windows and doors that meet the strict building regulations in bushfire prone areas such as in New South Wales. For the highest performance, the production team at Wilkins Windows uses top-quality materials, namely timber and uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride).

Timber doors by Wilkins Windows can be manufactured from either western red cedar or Merbau. The former building material is widely used for its high structural strength and dimensional stability. Cedar provides excellent resistance to premature deterioration and hard, long-term wear. Even under demanding conditions, cedar doors will retain its high aesthetic value and subtle fragrance.

Merbau is a flowering tree native to Queensland. Also known as kwila or ipil, the timber exhibits excellent durability and resistance to termites. Usually used for flooring purposes, Merbau also qualifies as an excellent building material for windows and doors.

uPVC is an innovative building material that has been widely used in Europe, all the way to North America. Wilkins Windows was amongst the pioneers of using uPVC in window production in Australia. uPVC windows by Wilkins Windows have received positive feedback for insulation power, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Wilkins Windows can manufacture bushfire rated windows for up to BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) 40, citing a Very High degree with burning debris ignited by windborne embers and exposure to 40kWM?. All assemblies are fully compliant with Australian Standard 3959 that sets out the different building practices and materials for bushfire hazard levels.


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