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Bushfire Rated Windows by Wilkins Windows


bushfire rated windowsBushfire rated windows by Wilkins Windows are built for high functionality, while delivering effortless aesthetic value.

The specialised products are amongst the most in-demand offers from their trusted catalogue.

Since 1999, the Australian-owned and operated company has built a comprehensive range of window and door assemblies for a wide variety of commercial and residential projects.

Committed to a gold standard of quality, Wilkins Windows continues to earn critical praise from the leading professionals in the building and design industries.



High-Performance Bushfire Rated Windows

Through intensive research, Wilkins Windows has developed a sophisticated design that meets the strict demands of bushfire prone areas. The production team at Wilkins Windows only uses industry-standard raw materials to guarantee excellent, long-lasting performance with every output. Harnessing proven building techniques, Wilkins Windows proudly offers bushfire rated windows in the following build qualities:

  1. Cedar ? Wilkins Windows uses no less than western red cedar in a high-quality finish. Western red cedar is globally renowned for excellent structural strength. The building material provides outstanding resilience to premature deterioration, maintaining its pristine quality for years even under demanding conditions. In addition, the cedar exhibits an elegant visual appeal and a subtle fragrance upon window assembly.
  1. Merbau ? Also known as ipil and kwila, Merbau is a flowering tree native to Queensland. It has numerous uses, from its bark to its leaves. Wilkins Windows harnesses the durability of its timber for the production of windows. Merbau also exhibits excellent resistance to termites, making it a highly valued building material.
  1. uPVC ? Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) windows are built with innovative Low-E (low emissivity) glass systems that harness thin metallic coatings to reflect radiant energy, ultraviolet (UV) rays and infrared from the sun. At the same time, the glass technology reflects heat back into indoor premises to conserve thermal energy and the entailing costs. uPVC windows are the ideal choice for comfortable and energy-efficient insulation at any time of the year.

For optimum safety, the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of a home must be classified via consultation with the local council, government or fire authority. Wilkins Windows can supply windows with the following specifications:

a. Low BAL 12.5 that specifies concern of ember attack
b. Moderate BAL 19 for increased level of ember attack, burning debris and radiant heat exposure up to 19kWm2
c. High BAL 29 that specifies greater risk of airborne burning debris and radiant heat exposure up to 29kWm2
d. Very high BAL 40 for greater risk of burning debris due to windborne embers and radiant heat exposure up to 40kWm2.


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