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Bifold uPVC Entrance Doors by Wilkins Windows


bifold UPVC entrance doorsBifold uPVC entrance doors are ideal for Australian homes. Whether you are trying to achieve a classic or contemporary look, the door is a versatile and complementary option that adds to the overall aesthetic value of the property.

For the highest quality, both homeowners and design professionals choose Wilkins Windows.

For nearly two decades, Wilkins Windows has established an outstanding reputation for the design, manufacture and distribution of world-class windows and doors. Based in New South Wales, the family-owned company has built a wide-ranging catalogue for both residential and commercial applications.

Wilkins Windows uses no less than premium materials and proven building techniques for their handcrafted offerings, delivered with only the highest standards of service.

A Closer Look at Bifold uPVC Entrance Doors

The product development team has channelled years of shared expertise into diversifying the Wilkins Windows catalogue. For doors, industry specifiers can choose from different profiles, including single doors, French doors, single or fixed combination doors, double sliders, and bifold doors. The latter choice is highly recommended for wide spaces, wherein the doors can span the length of the side of the dwelling to let in lots of natural light. The result is a bright, vibrant ambience that helps cut back on electricity costs for lighting, as well as heating utilities.

Wilkins Windows can manufacture bifold entrance doors from high-quality timber, such as western red cedar and merbau. For superior insulation power without the demanding upkeep, the production team can also harness the cost-effective properties of uPVC by Rehau, globally renowned innovators in polymer-based systems from Germany. Rehau uses a proprietary extrusion process to remove plasticisers during the production of PVC, resulting in the rigid form called uPVC.

Also known as vinyl sliding, uPVC maximises the strength and dimensional stability of PVC without drastically compromising its user safety and cost efficiency. During production, Wilkins Windows maintains a white colour for uPVC to easily spot scratches and dents; upon which, the team polishes off the build to a high-quality finish.

Bifold uPVC entrance doors by Wilkins Windows are built with low-E (low emissivity) glass systems. The state-of-the-art technology is specially designed to bounce off harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Alternatively, low-E glass reflects heat back into the room to regulate indoor temperatures to the occupant’s convenience. In action, bifold uPVC entrance doors keep winters warm and cool off the hot summer days. For reinforced insulation power, Wilkins Windows highly recommends double glazed units.


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