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Benefits of uPVC Double Glazed Windows


uPVC double glazed windowsuPVC double glazed windows are a staple choice for homeowners who are looking for energy-efficient and functional window assemblies.

Wilkins Windows is one of the industry leaders specialising in the manufacture and distribution of cutting-edge window solutions, with expertise sharpened by almost two decades of service. Today, the New South Wales-based company remains one of the trusted names when it comes to sustainable window and door assemblies in the Australian built environment.

What is a uPVC Double Glazed Window?

uPVC is a by-product of PVC, one of the most widely manufactured synthetic plastic polymer in the world. PVC provides high flexibility, however not durable enough for applications where a load-bearing capacity is required. Consequently, uPVC was developed to produce an improved and durable rigid form of PVC.

uPVC retains the cost-efficient properties of PVC. With its ability to meet critical infrastructure, high-quality insulation, superior build and safety needs, uPVC is the in-demand material of choice for the production of window frames, fascias and door assemblies for residential and commercial applications.

Double glazing is a special process taking insulation to the next level. It involves the use of two insulated glass panes, put together with an optimal 20mm-wide air gap that acts as a barrier against heat transfer. Double glazing works well with uPVC since it provides a larger air gap compared to conventional window materials like aluminium frames and timber.

What are the Features and Benefits of a uPVC Double Glazed Windows from Wilkins Windows?

When compared to traditional materials used for window frames and door assemblies, Wilkins Windows' uPVC double glazed windows offer a variety of features and benefits that meet the requirements of the modern built environment.

double glazed windowsFusion-Welded Frame and Sash
This reduces air and water infiltration while improving durability.

Low Profile Sweep Lock
Involves metal-reinforced mulling post for additional security

Metal-reinforced Meeting Rail
Makes up for a robust and secure interlock

Integral Vinyl Lift Rail
Helps to smoothly move the window sash

Full weather-stripping
This component prevents air infiltration

Screens are Flush-Mounted
Providing a seamless integration of screens and continuous lift rail

Replacement Flange
An optional feature engineered with a heavy-duty wall construction

Constant Force Balance
For a smooth movement of the window sash

3/4" Insulated Glass
Offers outstanding energy-saving, thermal and acoustic insulation capacity. Wilkins Windows also provides glass options, such as low-E glass with insulating Argon gas.

uPVC double glazed windows featuresTilt Sash
Optimal window position that accommodates for quick and easy cleaning of interior and exterior glass surfaces

Integral Vinyl Interlock
Insulation strip that spans the length of the locking rail to avoid water and air infiltration

Large Multi-Cavity Vinyl Chambers
These are noise deadening chambers combined with an improved thermal performance for optimum quiet comfort

Attractive Bevelled Exterior Frame
Adds a stylish accent to the window frame

In partnership with Rehau, German-based innovators of uPVC systems, Wilkins Windows delivers high-performing uPVC double glazed windows that are stylish, functional and energy-efficient.


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