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Acoustic Timber French Doors


acoustic timber french doorsFor a modern take on a classic look, acoustic timber French doors are the ideal solution. Homeowners and design professionals need look no further than Wilkins Windows for the finest acoustic timber French doors in the Australian market, delivered with their trademark of good, old-fashioned service.

What are acoustic timber French doors?

The French door style is characterised by transparent or translucent glass panels, enclosed in a timber frame. The glass panels extend for most of the length to achieve an impressive, yet delicate appearance. The French door style is a popular choice for leaving a grand first impression to house guests.

What makes acoustic timber French doors by Wilkins Windows different?

With cutting-edge design and premium components, Wilkins Windows takes the style and functionality of French doors to new heights. Acoustic timber French doors by Wilkins Windows are manufactured from the highest-quality cedar, chiselled to an elegant finish. Mortise and tenon joints are incorporated into the blueprint to result in a smooth and secure swinging mechanism.

Wilkins Windows makes acoustic insulation possible with thick laminated glass, acoustic panels and acoustic seals. These fittings enable French doors to minimise outdoor noise, to achieve a relaxed atmosphere in interior spaces. Known for their bespoke services, Wilkins Windows offers client customisation with a wide range of glass options, including tinted glass and obscure glass in different textures. Furthermore, their doors can be tailor-fit to any specified shape, size or style to flexibly adapt to the project requirements of both residential and commercial applications.



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