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Acoustic Timber French Doors in Art Deco Homes

acoustic timber french doors

With acoustic timber French doors by Wilkins Windows, homeowners can welcome guests into their homes with a “Bonjour!” With a trusted catalogue of window and door assemblies, Wilkins Windows  continues to cultivate a growing clientele of top industry experts across the building and design industries in Australia.

Acoustic Timber French Doors: Art Deco Style

The production team at Wilkins Windows does not hold back on the aesthetic value in the manufacture of timber French doors. Longevity within the industry has sharpened their knowledge on the shifting trends, hence achieving timeless designs that evoke the grandeur of France. Timber French doors can enhance any building design, especially in Art Deco homes.

acoustic timber french doorsArt Deco originated in Old World France, just as architecture and design were ushered into the 20th century. The style is essentially European, laying the canvas for design inspirations from other cultures around the world during definitive periods of time. Prominent features being; geometric patterns of triangles, squares, diamonds and zigzags — borrowing influences from ancient Egyptian design. With a culturally rich background, the Art Deco style is the ideal choice for an edgy, unconventional, yet classic look.

Timber French doors by Wilkins Windows tap into the Art Deco style, making for a sought-after feature in recreating the look in both residential and commercial applications. Wilkins Windows constructs timber doors with no less than top-quality western red cedar, a building material widely used for its superior durability and resilience to premature deterioration. Additionally, western red cedar is renowned for its fragrance, contributing to a pleasing overall ambience.

classic french door designs

Classic French door designs by Wilkins Windows are constructed with a timber frame around wide-set transparent or translucent glass panels. Clients can choose from a broad array of glass, including tinted glass and obscure glass in diverse, elegant textures. Using mortise and tenon joints, the doors seamlessly match both old and new joinery in Art Deco spaces.

Aside from aesthetics and build quality, the forte of timber French windows by Wilkins Windows are outstanding acoustic performance. Laminated glass can effectively minimise harsh outdoor noise. Wilkins Windows boosts noise cancellation performance with sophisticated acoustic panels and acoustic seals. Together, the assembly maintains peaceful indoor environments, while adding effortless visual appeal in the Art Deco style.

Acoustic timber French doors can be easily customised to any size, shape or style. The bespoke services of Wilkins Windows allow for countless possibilities in terms of profile and functionality of the doors.


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