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Sliding Double Glazed Windows

Sliding double glazed windows are the ideal choice for homeowners and design experts who prefer to keep things low-key. The window assemblies can be the perfect feature for a minimalistic approach towards interior design. They also provide discreet, yet valuable functionality in maintaining a pleasing indoor ambience.


Acoustic Timber French Doors in Art Deco Homes

With acoustic timber French doors by Wilkins Windows, homeowners can welcome guests into their homes with a “Bonjour!” With a trusted catalogue of window and door assemblies, Wilkins Windows  continues to cultivate a growing clientele of top industry experts across the building and design industries in Australia.


Timber Entrance Doors and uPVC Double Glazed Windows in ACT

From timber entrance doors to uPVC double glazed windows, Wilkins Windows has developed an extensive catalogue for both domestic and commercial projects across Australia. The New South Wales-based company has carved a niche into the building and design industries with highly professional, yet personalised services. Committed to international standards of quality, Wilkins Windows caters to a continuously growing clientele of homeowners and industry professionals alike.


Bushfire Rated Windows

Through intensive research, Wilkins Windows has developed a sophisticated design that meets the strict demands of bushfire prone areas. The production team at Wilkins Windows only uses industry-standard raw materials to guarantee excellent, long-lasting performance with every output. Harnessing proven building techniques, Wilkins Windows proudly offers bushfire rated windows in the Cedar, Merbau and uPVC.


Custom uPVC Windows for Maroubra

Custom uPVC windows are the speciality of Wilkins Windows. Since 1999, Wilkins Windows has amassed an impressive portfolio of designing, manufacturing and installing sophisticated windows and doors for commercial and residential projects across Australia.


Timber Bifold Doors for Residential Properties

Wilkins Windows does wonders for timber bifold doors, harnessing only the finest-quality materials and the most reliable building techniques. Timber assemblies have been the core business of the Australian-owned and operated company before branching out to their increasingly popular unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC).


uPVC Double Glazed Windows for Energy Efficiency

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) double glazed windows are the energy-efficient choice for windows in the modern Australian home. Wilkins Windows are amongst the pioneering providers of cutting-edge window solutions, with expertise honed by nearly two decades of service.


Sliding Doors

Sliding doors by Wilkins Windows come in flexible options for all kinds of applications in both residential and commercial properties. Wilkins Windows has operated to a gold standard of quality and service for nearly two decades.


Customised Noise Reduction

Noise reduction windows by Wilkins Windows are designed to block out harsh noises, commonly caused by traffic and passing trains. The Sydney and Adelaide Aircraft Noise Insulation Projects have approved Wilkins Windows for high noise cancellation of up to 45 dBA (A-weighted decibels). Wilkins Windows recommends the following window styles for optimum acoustic performance; awning, casement, and tilt and turn windows.


Glass Options for Timber French Doors

Wilkins Windows is the premier supplier of timber French doors in Australia. With a service record spanning almost two decades, the family-owned company has become the industry’s one-stop shop for the customisation and installation of doors and windows, for both domestic and commercial applications.


Double Glazed Windows for Darling Point

Double glazed windows are among the most in-demand products within the window manufacturing sector in Australia. Emerging companies continue to saturate the market with window options of increasing number and variety, proportionally making it harder for industry specifiers to settle their purchasing decisions. One way of bypassing these delays is to opt for the tried, tested, and trusted.


Acoustic Timber French Doors

For a modern take on a classic look, acoustic timber French doors are the ideal solution. Homeowners and design professionals need look no further than Wilkins Windows for the finest acoustic timber French doors in the Australian market, delivered with their trademark of good, old-fashioned service.


Aluminium vs. uPVC Sliding Doors and Windows

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) sliding doors and windows have long been popular across Europe and America. In Australia, the material has just started to pick up market momentum at a remarkable pace. Wilkins Windows is one of the leading purveyors of uPVC sliding doors and windows, they continue to meet demand from builders, architects, design professionals, and homeowners.